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Your Ultimate 80's Experience

Eighties music was totally awesome, and it still gets people excited to this day. The five rad dudes in Max Headroom serve up a gnarly mix of pop, dance, and rock tunes that keep people dancing and shaking their bods.

Jason Adcock (guitars), Burke Lazama (lead vocal), and Angel Ornales (bass), have had a love for eighties music since they were kids. David Locher (keyboards) and Scott Nielsen (drums) not only love the music, but having graduated high school in 1985, the tunes are part of their DNA. All five guys are veteran musicians and performers who use their talents to faithfully reproduce the sounds and atmosphere of the eighties in clubs, casinos, wineries, and private parties.

Everywhere Max Headroom performs people dance, sing along, and someone is always is heard saying, “You guys are totally awesome!”

"The 8O's were a special time and those of us that were lucky enough to have experienced it are passionate about it. The band Max Headroom encapsulates the 8O's songs that we treasure and they package it with iconic 8O's references, images and more. Do you want to have an amazing time? Max Headroom is always the answer! This band will have you, your family and friends smiling and singing along the whole time ... and remember ... 'there is a time to dance'."

- Carter, Program Director, KJFX-FM, 95.7 The Fox.

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